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January 17, 2021by brandydominelli0

My inquiry into germ theory vs terrain theory took a divine turn recently when a friend provided me with the book The Contagion Myth by Thomas S. Cowan MD.  Since the beginning of March, I have been seeking information on virology, to gain context for the claims being made by our governments, scientists, and doctors in an effort to develop my own perspective on the happenings in the world.  This book reinforced many of my recent education about the power of our robust immune system and also provides solutions through food, water, and environment to support our cellular adaptation to the world around us.  As a sound healer, who deeply believes in vibration as a healing modality, he makes the following statement which shifted the way I think about water:

“The final step in the production of healthy water is the exposure, as in nature, of the water to the sounds and energies of nature.  This can be accomplished through the exposure of the finished water to birds, frogs, trees, and other living things or even through exposing water to sacred sounds, to music, to healing vibrations, to a blessing – or even to healthy, loving vibrations in the household.”

In one of our upcoming podcasts we will explore the vibrational resonance of water, and discover ways to increase the vibratory rate of municipal water to bring it back to wholeness so that it can support our bodies with oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and vitamins.

Another discovery I made while reading this book was the way that animal fats work to protect our cells from EMF damage.  Quoting The Contagion Myth again:

“Saturated fats serve as a kind of insulation in cells and tissues… Having adequate saturated fat in our cell membranes is especially important in the Internet age because 5G and other EMFs increase the permeability of the cell membrane, which can result in a kind of starvation of all our tissues, with all sorts of unfortunate consequences from fatigue to cancer.”

He addresses the difference between vegetable oils and animal fats, and clearly describes how they influence our cellular mechanisms.  I have been on-again-off-again vegan/vegetarian for years, however, today I went out and bought a bunch of bones from a local butcher full of collagen as the book really re-shaped my understanding of animal products.

I HIGHLY recommend checking this book out, it is a great read (not dry or boring), and provides clear and concise information that pertain directly to our world environment.  Here is a link to an Edmonton bookstore that is wonderful and worth supporting, they will set it up as a special order and have it shipped directly to you.

Audreys Books

If you don’t purchase from Audrey’s, please support a bookstore near you that is not a large chain.  The small businesses really need our support right now, and the vibration of the material is higher if you purchase from a high integrity local business.

I hope you enjoy!  Namaste!


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