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Upcoming Events

Come together in events and workshops to discover the energies of the many healers who share their light and wisdom with the Seeking Saraswati community.

SAT, NOVEMBER 14, 2020
7:00PM - 8:30PM
Chakra Balancing & Sound Healing
Mishleen Khoury & Brandy Dominelli

Cleanse and balance your chakras through ritual, a guided meditation, and sound healing.  To register contact info@mishyoga.com.

SUN, OCT 15, 2020
Unleash The Goddess New Moon Tantric Class
Susana Salgado
Enjoy a candlelit Tantric dance class where we will unleash the Goddess within through a wild Kundalini release!! If you are feeling powerless low energy ,low sex drive in need of self love and nourishment for your soul and sexual being this class will bring all of that to life!! As an added bonus and gift from myself Everyone will receive a mini Yoni Activation!! Be Ready to unleash your divine Sexual Goddess!
Facilitator is Susana Salgado Founder of Lotus Love .
She is a Certified yoga/Meditation Instructer
Certified Reiki Master /Teacher
Intuitive Reader
Soul & Self Love Coach
Goddess & Yoni Activator
Tantric Practitioner & Soon to be Certified Sex Coach
Her passion & Soul Purpose is to guide beautiful souls into there healing,soul purpose, empowerment self love & her latest venture & passion is to bring sexual divinity to the collective .
your beautisoul
Register Early as spots are limited!!
cost $30
Registration & payment can be sent to lotuslove11@outlook.com

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Interested in creating an event at The Healing Room? Reach out and we would love to collaborate with you!

    Past Events

    THU, MAY 24, 2017
    1:00PM - 5:00PM
    Solar Arc Directions: An Interactive Session
    Gabriella Johnson

    Thank you to everyone, delegates, speakers, committee members and volunteers for contributing to making the 3rd International Astrology Conference such a great success. We both hope that you have returned safely home from your Experience at the conference and feel that you belong to an international network of astrology practitioners, students and enthusiasts across the globe.

    FRI, APR 14, 2017
    2:00PM - 3:00PM
    "Become Your Own Astrologer" Retreat with Stella Mars
    Stella Miller

    You can book accommodation when you register for the Conference. We also have a list of accomodation options on the event details section.

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    FRI, APR 14, 2018
    4:00PM - 5:30PM
    The Journey of Life: Understanding Transits
    Renata Bogdanovic

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